Northward: Peary’s 1908-09 Expedition

Antarctic ship model

Jo's birthday. Bartlett back about 6.- a.m. + with him Inughito + Karko from MacMillan at C. Jesup. They bring a note from him dated the 8th saying that they overtook him just as he arrived there; that he had killed 23 muskoxen there etc. etc. They bring in the 4 other skins of the C. May herd, + a few pounds of meat.
    Suit of sails for the Antarctic ship model completed today (except a few finishing touches) to scale of ½" to 1'. I think she is not only going to look well but sail well. There are in all 14 sails, with a total area of about 2400 [square] yrds.
    Only 1800 [square] yrds of this will be effective at one time, as a portion of the sails are fore + aft, + a portion square.   

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