Northward: Peary’s 1908-09 Expedition

It made them lame

Thirty two above this morning, and about the same all day. About two inches of damp snow fell last night, with a light No. E. wind but it is disappearing fast now although we have had it cloudy most of the day. Two Eskimos made a trip down to the caches yesterday and got back last night at nine oclock. Have taken the wood floor out of the upper Engine room today, and will begin to put it together tomorrow. The snow is getting so soft now that one goes to the bottom of it whatever the depth may be. So it makes it hard traveling. Two Eskimos came in today from the south had been to Lincoln bay they said it was hard to get along without dogs. It made them lame slumping in so and hauling the sledge. They got five hare. The Barometer is 30.28 has been to 80.33 since yesterday falling for more snow I guess.  

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