Northward: Peary’s 1908-09 Expedition

Cold tea

Back at Cape Morris Jesup finding note for at old camp site from George stating that "tidal observations station located about one and a half mile East". Found him on half rations, with very little biscuit, oil and milk.
    We-shark-ob-sie had not returned from Mary Murray Island evidently held up by the snow of the last three or four days. It is now six days since he started.
    Cold tea never tasted so good as it did when I got into camp. Was very thirsty and hungry, the tea seemed to satisfy both hunger and thirst. Before going on duty decided to run up the coast and try to get a photograph of a live musk ox.
    Had not been gone long when we rounded up a large bull. I told the Huskies not to shoot until I had taken some pictures. I could only get two as the musk ox was charging into the dogs in all directions, tossing two up over his head, ripping open the thigh of one.
     We finished skinning this one we could count with the glasses a herd of fifteen feeding on the hills to the eastward of us, also five up at the head of the valley. Persuaded the Inuits that we had meat enough and could not use them if we killed them so came back to camp.
    We-shark-ob-sie come in a short time after this, followed by Kood-look-to who had followed and killed a big bull far in among the hills. As he was without a knife he left him lying where he shot him.
    Began observations at 10 o'clock tonight. George says water is not rising and falling regularly and was planning to move today. We shall watch it for twelve hours before we move elsewhere.   

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