Northward: Peary’s 1908-09 Expedition

In holes over my head

We left our camp inside the pressure ridge last night about 8 o'clock and marched until four this morning. Has snowed all night and still continues to do so. I thought I knew something about the ice of the Polar Sea but prior to this trip it has been comparatively child's play to work through it. Here off this cape it is simply frightful, hardly a spot flat enough to pitch a tent, jammed up into one great conglomerate mass and the falling snow masking the holes and crevices to perfection.
    I have stumbled and fell forward and backward wrenching arms and legs and bruising my body in numberless places. At times wading through snow up to my waist and have been in holes over my head.
    The first komatik as it struck onto the rough ice from the glacial fringe, went completely out of sight in the soft snow. The next turned completely over smashing both upstanders. This was decidedly encouraging. While Kiotah was doing some repairing Koodlookto and I went on ahead road making. In an hour or so we started on again. We are hemmed in tonight on all sides by high walls of ice. How to get out and where to head for will be a question for us in the morning.
    Still snowing.  

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