Northward: Peary’s 1908-09 Expedition

The coming Antarctic work

As George and I were getting ready for bed I heard a dog team coming. Rushed out and found We-shark-ob-sie, Karko, Awah-ting-wah, and Inughito, the two former from the Roosevelt with a letter from Commander Peary. They had followed close behind us for about two hundred miles in an endeavor to overtake us. The other boys had joined them at Cape Bryant.

Excerpts of Commander's letter

S.S. Roosevelt April 28th ‘09
My Dear MacMillan;
    Arrived on board yesterday. Northern trip entirely satisfactory. No need of Greenland depots...
    A week to ten days tidal observations, and soundings ten miles apart up to the 85th parallel will be satisfactory. I regard this work as second in importance only to the northern work from which we have just returned, and the Morris Jesup work will strengthen and emphasize the other...
    If you will still need supplies at Cape Bryant send back memorandum and full instructions. Marvin's death a great shock too me, and a great loss to the Expedition to the future and to me personally. If your indications are that way you must figure on filling his place in the coming Antarctic work, and should regard all your present work as schooling and training for that.
    Remember me to Borup, and say to him that if his indications are that way, and his plans for this immediate future permit, there will be work for him in the great National Antarctic Expedition, which, if I live five years longer, will as certainly place the Stars and Stripes on the South Pole...
    Of course you will bring back the line and leads, the latter especially. You will find the lances effective for cutting out a cake of ice to serve as a ferry boat.

Copy of Captain's note

My dear Mac:
    I reached the ship on the twenty-fourth and the land six day s earlier.
    My God, isn't too bad about Marvin! His poor mother! How she will feel it! God above knows how that woman worked to keep Marvin through college and now this.
    The Commander reached the ship yesterday and this morning I am getting things ready for you. I hope everything will meet with your approval. I had a few bags made. That was all the material I could scrape up, nine in all. I guess you will not take many casts.
                            R. A. Bartlett

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