Northward: Peary’s 1908-09 Expedition

Some bad places

As it continued to blow and drift we tried to sleep but some one kept talking so we gave it up and noted right then to open Charlie's box and have a feed. It proved to be full of break, butter and cocoa. It is needless for me to write just how good buttered toast and cocoa tasted after living for nineteen days on crackers and tea.
    As it still continued to howl and drift we turned over for a short nap. At six o'clock we decided to buck out into it. The rest did us good as shown by our march of fourteen hours over some pretty rough going. Some bad places were met with in our march over the glacier, the snow giving away from beneath us repeatedly and some of the dogs dropping out of sight.
    As we neared Morris Jesup we found a large spot of blood in the snow above which was written "RMEAN \" this was translated after we arrived in camp by its author Kudlookto as "Kiotah has killed a rabbit". He is progressing rapidly in his spelling and writing lessons.
    As soon as we had eaten both Inuits were off to the hills in search of musk oxen. They have seen tracks, so could hardly wait for their grub.             

'Inuits': MacMillan incorrectly adds an 's' to the end of Inuit, which is already plural. The singular of Inuit is 'Inuk'.

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