Northward: Peary’s 1908-09 Expedition

A long E. + W. lead

53 today. More of the violent off shore squall between midnight + noon with a light snow precipitation in very large flakes. The Dr. was on the hills last evening + reports a long E. + W. lead some distance to the N.
    Just before noon Koolootinah came in form MacMillan with a letter dated Nares Inlet Apr. 27, saying they had just killed 5 M.O. + that M- was sending back 2 sledges + 3 men. K- brings in one M.O. skin + some meat. From him I learn that they staid 4 sleeps where the M.O. were killed,  finishing up the meat; that he + the other 2 men met Wee-shakupsi + Karko off Dragon Point, + the other 2 went back with them in order to more quickly overtake M-.
    They will probably do this in the neighborhood of Britannia I., so this matter seems to have worked out all right.         

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