Northward: Peary’s 1908-09 Expedition

Never tiring

Smooth ice enabled us to make a good march today of about ten hours. We sat on our sledges and looked with all the eyes we have at every cape, headland, bay, fiord, hill and mountain - never tiring of the beautiful scenery. The view into Huut Fiord is simply magnificent.
    At Capes Kane and Washington we found the ice piled high against the shore, at the latter the highest I have seen. Snapped my camera at this but regretted that I failed to place anything in the foreground to serve as a contrast. Consequently the picture will fail to show the height.
    This morning we took pictures of ourselves at Lockwood and Brainard cairn, one of the cairn alone with Washington in the distance, one of Huut Fiord. Did not stop at Commander's cairn at Washington.          

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