Northward: Peary’s 1908-09 Expedition

A frightful, jagged mess

Have had all kinds of going today both on land and sea. Invariably on the western sides of the Capes we find soft snow requiring snow shoes, on the ends smooth ice grading off into rolling blue top ice and from this to soft going as we approach the next Cape. Today at Hummock Cape the ice was jammed up against the shore leaving no ice foot at all but a frightful, jagged mass through which we were obliged to work our way as best we could. Have also had a variety in the way of open leads some of which we were able to cross others to go around.
    We are in camp tonight beyond the farthest of Lockwood and Brainard. Naturally the country from here on becomes more interesting, considering the fact that only one man has been here before us, Commander Peary.
    We are having hare now nearly every meal. Kood-look-to has just come in with three which will give four of us a big feed.             

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