Northward: Peary’s 1908-09 Expedition

Afraid the ice might move

Eight below this morning and hasn't been less than 5 below all day. There has been a fair breeze from the West all day and it feels pretty cold for the time of year. The Capt. was going tomorrow to do some sounding off Cape Columbia but I think the Com. has called it off he has thought it over and is afraid the ice might move off and he doesn't want to loose [sic] any more men and I think he wishes he hadn't sent McMillan now, but he warned him not to cross any place where there has been a lead for it is liable to open again and stay open with southerly winds. They have had light No. East winds all winter and the ice is drifting West where they had West and South winds the last trip and the ice drifting to the East. The Barometer is 30.15 tonight and bright sun.           

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