Northward: Peary’s 1908-09 Expedition

Shortest march today

We worried somewhat this morning in regard to Koodlookto, not finding him in camp when we awoke.
    As George and Kiotah were preparing to go back to investigate he could be seen coming. On arriving he gave as a reason for his delay that his dogs were no good but later we learned that he had slept on his kowatik all night, starting up the dogs whenever he awoke.
    We have made our shortest march today of the trip finding the travelling wretched off the end of John Murray Island - deep snow, tidal cracks and rough ice have delayed us all day. We were so tired when we got here, we decided to call a halt and cache enough supplies to enable us to spend about twelve days in Chipp Inlet on our return. This will lighten our loads considerably and enable us to make longer marches.
    Bear tracks were seen yesterday near Cape Brittania.        

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