Northward: Peary’s 1908-09 Expedition

The secret of the North is found

Five below this morning at seven and at 9 it was 9 above. Went to 14 above and then began to go down again  The Com. with one Eskimo arrived today at 1.45 PM had come from Cape Columbia in two marches which is one day less than it has ever been done. Mat. stopped over with his men to sleep. The Com. made a quick march to the north after the Capt. left him no delay at all and came right back on his own trail and picked up the Capts. trail and never lost it for five minutes all the way to the land no open water and fine going all the way, the ice hadn't moved since the Capt. came in, although he was held up two or three days in some places the Com. made the march in one day where the Capt was two days and he had plenty of dogs and all could ride and make five miles an hour where the Capt. had to walk and not make over three  The Secret of the North is found and there will be no more chasing the No. pole unless it is to follow up the Geographical past of the Arctic ocean for soundings and the land in Beaufort Sea between here and Alaska, and look up Crocker land which I suppose has been accomplished by Dr. Cook. The Bar. is 30.09 tonight and fine. The Com. was away from the ship 65 days pretty good work, he did some hustling, and kept things moving while it was good going.           

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