Northward: Peary’s 1908-09 Expedition

A difference of opinion

The members of our party became separated today owing to a difference of opinion as to the best trail - land or sea ice, causing us some inconvenience later on in the day.
    Kiotah, Koodlookto and I stuck to the land, finding excellent going along the ice foot, making rapid progress to Marvin's igloo.
    The others kept well out on the sea ice making land almost at the [unreadable] end of the Cape.
    We fitted camp at the tidal igloo and waited for some hours for the rest of the party. Before going to sleep I went up on the hill for a final look and saw them on the ice foot far ahead waiting for us. There was nothing to do but break camp and go on.
    The boys have killed five ptarmigan and a hare giving us a very pleasant change in our diet.
    Have decided not to leave provisions here for Commander but trust that the Captain will send a load for us both.      

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