Northward: Peary’s 1908-09 Expedition

A pleasant surprise

George got in today, having come in from Cape Fanshawe Martin where he placed a cache for Commander. Koolatinah and Awah-tingwha are with him. He is looking fat and strong as a moose.
    Today a party of eight of us started up the valley to explore the two caves which I found last Sunday. Arriving at the upper entrance I lighted a lantern and started in followed by all. Three of the men in the rear had difficulty in following in the darkness and decided to go back. The passage finally became so small that we were obliged to crawl on hands and knees. Soon we emerged into a passage much larger and could feel a breeze against our faces indicating an opening down the valley. In a short time the sharp eyes of In-u-waho and Tecummah detected light in the distance which proved to be the lower entrance. In the meantime the three Kabloonahs had had some difficulty in making their way back, being obliged to use the utmost care to prevent their candles from being extinguished. A muffled report followed by a blast of air hastened their retreat.
    Going on down to the next a pleasant surprise awaited us in finding it much more rugged and picturesque but much shorter. Bear tracks were numerous throughout its whole length.      

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