Northward: Peary’s 1908-09 Expedition

Dug around the ship

Nineteen below this morning and went to ten during the day. Wind No. West light cloudy about all day, a little sunshine early this morning, and it has been raw all day. The Mate with the men dug around the ship yesterday a trench about 3 feet wide and in some places as much as 4 feet deep, but not all the way around. Were trying to get at the propeller and struck a crack and it let the water in so it filled the trench full again but didnt freeze more than a half inch last night, are trying to get the ice away all they can so the propeller will melt out early and also so the ship will upright sooner. The ice must be as much as 8 feet thick alongside the ship where they cut it down once before so she would break it off and right up but she didn't do it only went down more and it overflowed and added more than a foot at that time. Two Eskimos left soon after dinner today for a hunting trip and have got to get something to feed the dogs that came back or else kill them. The Bar. is 29.85 tonight.      

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