Northward: Peary’s 1908-09 Expedition

Over the 89th!!

Over the 89th!! Started early last evening. The march a duplicate of previous one as to weather + going. Temp. at starting -35°. Sledges appeared to head a little easier, dog on trot much of the time. Lost two hours on young ice of a north + south lead they were often galloping.10 hours 25 miles or more. Great.
    A 50 yd lead open when I reached it, moved enough by time sledges came up to let us cross.  Still this biting cold, the face burning hours (like the Island Ice). The natives complain of it + at every camp are fixing their clothes about the face, waist, knees + wrist. They complain of their noses, which I never knew them to do before. It is keen + bitter as frozen steel.
    Light air from S during first of march, veering to E. + freshening as we camp.
    Another dog expended here.
    Tomorrow if ice + weather permit I shall make a long march, "boil the kettle" midway + try to make up the 5 miles lost on the 3rd.
    We have been very fortunate with the leads so far, but I am in constant + increasing dread of encountering one.
    Six weeks today since I left Roosevelt.        

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