Northward: Peary’s 1908-09 Expedition

They were making good time

Twenty nine below this morning and has been about the same all day, light breeze and clear. One Eskimo arr. at the ship at 9.30 last night. One of Borup's party, left the Com. Mar. 20th. All will arr. at the land the 26th and went to Cape Nare's with a load of provisions in case any of the parties should land over there it is West of Cape Columbia. The ice is drifting to the West this time instead of East. They were making good time and smoothe [sic] ice were past 85 when Borup left them. Were going 5 days more and then Marvin returns. Two Eskimo families left today for Etah. I sent a letter for the ship that comes after Mrs. Whitney to take back if she leaves before we get down there. The Bar. is 29.72 tonight, been to 29.85 since last night.     

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