Northward: Peary’s 1908-09 Expedition

We are ready now

After about 4 hours sleep turned everyone out at 5- a.m. announced which 2 Esks (Keshingwah + Karko) are to go back from here with the Captain, culled the best dogs from their teams to replace poorer ones in the other teams, repaired sledges thoroughly with the material from ones broken up, + re-arranged loads, compacting everything. Captain went north some 5 miles in forenoon, returning took latitude observations (87° 46' 49" hen left with his 2 men 1 sledge + 18 dogs.
    We are ready now for the final part of the journey, sledges thoroughly overhauled + strengthened, dogs the pick of 133,  + dogs + men in training. It is the time for which I have reserved all my energies, + I feel tonight as if I was in turn, + equal to the demands upon me of the next few days.
    Assuming the Captain's figures to be correct we are 133 miles from the Pole, nine marches same average as our last 8, or 8 equal to the 3 from 85° 48' or 6 like yesterday will do the trick.

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