Northward: Peary’s 1908-09 Expedition

Great hopes of making the Pole

Nine below this morning at seven oclock, and went to two above at four this afternoon. It has been fine today, but the ice is running just outside of us and some pretty large blocks amongst it. McMillan, the Dr. and six Eskimos arrived last night about seven oclock from the Com. they went out on the ice about 90 miles in about 84.30 No. Lat. They left there the 14th of Mar. and said it was fine going and they were making 18 or 20 miles a day, and if they didn't run up against any leads for too long a time, they had great hopes of making the Pole this time, they havent had any wind to amount to anything, not much snow and what there was was so hard they didnt have to use the snowshoes any as yet. They were delayed at one lead for six days. Mc. said when he left the ice was as smooth as a house floor as far as the eye could reach, but said there was a black streak in the air in the distance and that is a sign of open water, but it may close up or freeze over by the time they reach it. Mc. said if they had as good going as they had when he left they should be a long ways past 86 no. Lat. by this time.     

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