Northward: Peary’s 1908-09 Expedition

Fresh bear tracks


Turned out after 3 hours sleep + was under way before 3- a.m.
    Reached Captain's camp 10.30 a.m. A good march (20m.) over good going similar to Abruzzi's, + in a nearly direct line.
    Jumped in to repair sledges, reassign loads, weed out least effective dogs, + redistribute party.
    Captain with Oo-que-oh + Karko got away on the advance about 4- p.m. with 2 sledges + 18 dogs.
    Marvin took latitude observation (86° 38' N. Lat.) As I expected this places us beyond the Italian record 32 days ahead of him.
Thick in morning with light snow fall, as during night + light n-ly air.
    Clear through middle of day, heavy bank of clouds in west in evening. Temp. -20° to -30°.
    Fresh bear tracks passed, going west.
    Marvin is to go back from here with Kudlooktoo + "Harrigan" 1 sledge + 18 dogs.
    The many details which I must see to personally, makes it a long + busy day for me.    

Pictured above:
Harrigan at wheel, Ralph B. Hubbard, ID: 1984.20.3.1085

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