Northward: Peary’s 1908-09 Expedition

Note from the Captain

Twenty seven below this morning, and fine & clear but is clouding up now and seems chilly. The Mate and I went up over the hill with a gun but didnt see anything. One of the Eskimos that went away last night got a hare, and the two boys with an Eskimo got in today with 4 hare and a seal arrive at 12 oclock. Two Eskimos from the Coms. party arrived last night at 10. oclock, had a note from the Capt. saying they were forty miles from land and held up by a lead (open water) but expected to go along next day said it was fine going they had been out four days the seventh of March. Those two that came in said they were sick with a bad cold and have across the chest, but they seemed to be all right when they got here. They said there were two more with lame legs up a Cape Columbia and couldn't travel to the ship but say they got plenty to eat and plenty of oil. They had never left the land at all and one of them was to be with Mat. in the leading party. We thought him one of the best men. We dont have very dark nights snowy daylight until about nine. The Bar. is 30.10 tonight.     

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