Northward: Peary’s 1908-09 Expedition

Ample supply alcohol + oil

Marvin brought ample supply alcohol + oil, some pemmican, biscuit + milk, enabling me to leave this camp with 12 fully loaded sledges.
    MacMillan shows me his frosted heel + I send him back at once, with Kyotah, Tanchingwah, 2 sledges, + 11 dogs. 2 sledges left here, 2 or 3 broken up to repair others.
    Cold march with light but bitter e-ly [easterly] air. Heavy ice, fair going. Late in day movement of ice very perceptible. An active lead compels detour to west, + an hour or 2 later, a just formed one halts us, + compels us build igloos, though I know Henson's igloo must be close by.     

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