Northward: Peary’s 1908-09 Expedition

Too sly

Fifteen below this morning, and fine, but it clouded up about noon and is snowing now. The ice was running all night and about all day just outside of us and making quite a squeaking and cracking. I was up over the hill this forenoon with a gun I saw a hare track that was made last night after it began to snow a little, and a fox track that was made this morning and where he caught a white mole and ate it, but did not follow it far for they are to [sic] sly. The Barometer is 30.24 now. Has been down to 30.21 and twenty two below this morning snowing a little and quite a breeze so it seems cold since we have had it so mild. We still have it quite dark nights, but they are quite short. The Boys with the Eskimo got back this forenoon they got two hare. The Barometer is 30.34 tonight at 7.15.     

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