Northward: Peary’s 1908-09 Expedition

Cold feet


The Capt sent me back at end of 3rd igloo. A little distance the land side of 2nd igloo the trail was lost. When we found it again it was too late for me to overtake the Commander + make land the same day, so I determined to make land + load up with the standard loads.
    We had to cross a small lead + made land half way bet Columbia + Nares.
    Found Koodlookto here claiming to have been held up by open water.
    The huskies are not enthusiastic over our chances of overtaking the Commander.
    Our 3rd igloo was about 24 miles from land.
    If my huskies go back on me I'll go at [it] alone. Cold feet.
    Please leave a note in case I cant find the Commander as to what in hell to do.


This entry is a note written by George Borup to Donald MacMillan. Borup was the youngest of Peary's assistants on the North Pole Expedition, and Borup and MacMillan became very good friends during their time in the Arctic.

Pictured above:
MacMillan and Borup on deck of S.S. Roosevelt, ca. 1908-09, ID: 3000.1.47

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