Northward: Peary’s 1908-09 Expedition

I shall be obliged to drive a team

The most comfortable night I have had for a long time, fine and warm in the igloo with our lamps all drying out clothes.
    The Captain and Borup left about 7 o'clock. A beautiful day for a start. Temperature about -45 below. Am using the Captain's igloo for drying out my koola-tah and ah-let. Commander called me over for a can of hash. Since I was sick at Cape Richardson, the pemmican is hard to swallow.
    The dogs are being re-aranged. My team is broken up, am sorry to lose them, we have had some good times together. They are all pets and probably very few will survive the northern trip.
    Am informed late tonight that I shall be obliged to drive a team owing to the illness of Inu-ghito and Ooblooyah.    

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