Northward: Peary’s 1908-09 Expedition

So cold last night

So cold last night the Huskies could not sleep. My toes, fingers and nose are [unreadable] either in the night or while sledging. I am wet with sweat during the day and shiver during the night especially after drinking cold water to quench my thirst.
    We arrived at Camp Crane about 3 o'clock finding everyone on the hustle, packing sledges, etc. The Captain and Borup are to start north in the morning - a pioneer party picking our trail and laying the course.
    Had tea with Marvin and later in my own igloo and then again with the Captain so "I can still chew but not swallow", am full of pemmican, biscuit, condensed milk, nuts, prunes, coffee, tea, and chocolate. Got together and had a sing, sang everything we didn't know!   

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