Northward: Peary’s 1908-09 Expedition

57 below zero

We double up our dogs this morning so as to bring up empty sledges from Colan, giving us a supply in case of breakage. George and I start out together on a lark. Lose the trail and wander all over the ice. When out about three hours we see Esquimaux aside of us. We turn in and find them on the trail - Marvin's party - We-shark-obsie, Kiotah and Tan-ching-wah. Marvin came along soon and informed us that the Commander was a day behind him.
    In about two hours we met the Doctor and his party and learned from him that the Commander was right on his heels.
    We soon met him and was surprised to have him tell us that George's face was frozen and my nose. We knew it was cold but did not think it was 57 below zero.
    Arriving at the double igloo, 3 miles from Colan, we found our Huskies awaiting us as we had ordered them, so camped here tonight.    

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