Northward: Peary’s 1908-09 Expedition

One week from today

Strong n-ly gale all last night + today, falling calm + clear this morning.
    Went to the water hole a mile distant with two Esks, facing the wind. Temp. only -23°.
    2 more dogs dead from "piblockto" this week.  
    Borup came in Wednesday. He saw no recent tracks of any game.
    I hope this additional northerly gale has completed the packing of the snow + the compacting of the ice against the land.
    While telling Henson today of the program for the march, he said that had the parties been closer together last time the first ones could have got across the Big Lead.
    This is a direct admission by him of what I knew at the time that he + his party were afraid of the leads + did not cross them until the rear parties caught up with them, or they knew they were close behind.
    One week from today I hope to start on the northern trip.   

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