Northward: Peary’s 1908-09 Expedition

It doesn't hurt him very much

Thirty four below this morning at seven oclock. But went down to forty below at four this afternoon. Can see a little daylight mornings. The moon and stars have been very bright today so it is fine and light. The range of the tides are about three feet now, and it makes the ice snap and crack around the ship, and bergs aground. One of the Eskimos (Ohgueer) went in where Mat.and the Second are at work on cookers etc. the other night and drank some of the acid out of the jar that had been cut, it didnt hurt him very much. He says his lungs and stomach are pretty sore. He was looking for whiskey. If he had taken the raw acid out of the bottle that was in a box there, he wouldnt, even look for whiskey or anything else now.

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