Northward: Peary’s 1908-09 Expedition

No sanguine hopes

Continuance of satisfactory weather (calm + cold) till this morning when temp. jumped from about -40° to -25° with light snow + fog. Tonight however it is clear again + bright moonlight.
    Moon returned day before yesterday, Thank Heaven we shall see no more [?].
    Busy on clothing, outlined program for the work beginning end of the week today.
    The weather this time has been very different from the last. Sunday morning the barom. started down + fell rapidly all day + night + part of Monday yet we got only a few hours of not violent wind.  Three years ago we would have had a furious blow.
    The indications seem favorable for a better condition of the ice this year than last. There is at present little or no water to permit extensive movement of the ice, + the absence of wind should leave the ice smoother.
    There is however ample time yet for these conditions to be completely changed, + I am indulging in no sanguine hopes. On the contrary I am constantly holding before myself, my return home empty handed as always hitherto.   

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