Northward: Peary’s 1908-09 Expedition

Returning life

Mother's birthday. Paced the ice foot for an hour or two with thoughts of her.
    Clear all day. Calm in morning, then a fresh n-w squall with heavy drift for two or three hours then nearly calm again. Temp. down to -38°.
    The noon twilight is very pronounced now + I feel returning life.
    The R-'s slender, graceful spars point almost to Polaris, + her nose lines doggedly at the Pole. Her slowly increasing list is more pronounced now.
    More photos of deer heads today in continuation of those of yesterday + day before. Shall have some fine plates, though there is an infinite amount of discouraging detail, + annoying obstacles in the work.
    In the last few days have modelled two bull M.O. fighting, (body of one oakum, the other snow) for future photographing.
    Friday another dog taken with the "piblokto", ordered shot, + was promptly eaten by the Eskimos.
    The women are busily engaged on clothing now, have been steadily distributing material for this the last few days.
    In doing this have learned that some of my men are distinctly shaky about going north on the ice again. I may have trouble with them yet.

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