Northward: Peary’s 1908-09 Expedition

No sign of water north or south

Captain came in at 9 A.M. with his men, + Marvin's supporting party of 4.
    I was just getting ready to be worried about them.
    He reports thick weather much of the time, but they made a fine crossing of the Channel from Lincoln Bay to about 5 miles of C. Brevoort in 6 hours, on the 3rd over level [ice], this season's ice about 4' thick, + came back the same way.
    Captain went to head up Newman Bay which he says is covered with this years ice, + reconnoitered the plain of Polaris Peninsula but saw no traces of M.O.
    A letter from Marvin by Pooadloonah says they are at C. Stanton on the 10th. To that point had travelled 3 to 4 miles off shore. Did not have to portage round Black Horn Cliffs.
    Captain saw no signs of water north or south. I hope the n-ly winds we have had has packed the ice down against the coast, + if we have no southerly winds as 3 yrs. ago, there may be no slack in the ice as there was before. 

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