Northward: Peary’s 1908-09 Expedition

Six with one shot

Thirty six below this morning. Can hear the ice running a little ways from us tonight. The moon went behind the hill about four this afternoon. Will show again about 8 tonight. Borup and four Eskimos came in this morning about 7.30. They had killed 83 hare in the Lake Hazen region brought in between 50 and 60. They ate some and they had to leave some out one or two nights and the foxes ate 13 of them. Penapah killed six with one shot. They got lost in the storm for 24 hours the wind and snow blew so they couldn't travel or find their way and no knives to cut snow to build an Igloo. So the Eskimos lay down and let the snow blow over them and went to sleep. One told me he was very cold [al]most died. Borup didnt dare lay down for his feet were cold and he was afraid they would freeze. So he kept on the move the whole 24 hours he said he was glad when it cleared up, although he said he was warm enough except his feet, but it was very tiresome walking around for the whole time. Borup said they got 60 of the hare out of one big flock said there were lots of them but it was dark so they couldn't see them very well the wind and snow blew most of the time it happened to be quite light when they got the 60. He said it looked like a big snow bank moving along, they are large ones, I should think they would weigh from 7 to 9 pounds each.

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