Northward: Peary’s 1908-09 Expedition

Rough outside

Somebodys birthday (Whose?) and how old. Twenty six below this morning frosty around the horizon, but clear overhead, we saw the moon for a few minutes last night and a little while tonight but the frost is so thick I dont expect we will see it again tonight for it is only just above the horizon now and goes around behind the hill. The Capt. left tonight at 5:15 with three natives to go over on the Greenland side to the head of Newman bay to look for musk oxen, and Marvin left at the same time for Cape Bryant Greenland with one fireman, and six natives to haul the provisions and gear for the tidal observations he is to take them for a month. They may have to go quite a ways south to get across, as it is open water and rough outside of us.

Somebodys birthday: today is George Wardwell's birthday, in this entry he was referring to himself. 

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