Northward: Peary’s 1908-09 Expedition

Frosted cake, with plenty of candy on top

Twenty three below this morning and not much wind. We had races today the Eskimos ran and the boys forward and aft. They got tobacco and knives, those that won. And then they all shook dice, the mate got it aft a jackknife and one of the boys forward got a box of cigars. The women got a pair of sissors [sic].  The Governor of N.F.L.D. and Citizens sent a lot of Tobacco, Candy, pipes and wine for the N.F.L.D. men. Mrs. Peary put on board candy and shelled nuts for us all, and everybody but me had a Christmas box to open. From their friends, filled with cakes and candy. We had a good dinner of musk ox roast, rice soup, canned English plum duff, brandy sauce, frosted cake, with plenty of candy on top, gave the Eskimos all an extra feed today also, each a can of salmon and those with children two cans, lots of brisket and Coffee. They had a big feed the day the sun started to come back so they think they are having lots of fun. One of the Eskimo men got a large hunting knife shaking the dice. It is dark and the air is full of frost tonight but it dont seem very cold. Could see a faint streak of the Northern lights today. Have seen them two or three times lately but they dont amount to much they are not very bright. The Eskimo that won their race got a large hunting knife also, they are good ones two, Marvin won the race of the men, McMillan second. I thought I wouldnt run I was afraid I might win and disappoint others (yer know). There was a card attached to my package which I will put in the book. A merry Christmas to Chief  Wardwell from Mrs. Peary.

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