Northward: Peary’s 1908-09 Expedition

Game is pretty scarce

Twenty three below this morning, and the air is full of frost. Marvin and his man got in at 7.15 P.M.  He said the dogs ran away just this side of Cape Rawson. They stopped to take a dog out of a fox trap that followed them yesterday, they had to take the lashing off the sledge to put around the dogs neck to hold him off so he wouldnt bite the one that took him out of the trap. The two Eskimos that he sent off got in about two hours behind him they said they couldn’t get around Cape Union  The water makes right in to the shore and the Cape is almost perpendictular [sic]. The Dr. and his men got in this morning at four oclock. They didn’t see anything but a few old hare, fox and wolf tracks. He said it was pretty cold traveling around and sleeping in a snow Igloo. Game is pretty scarce up here this time.

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