Northward: Peary’s 1908-09 Expedition

A foot and a half of water

Twenty seven below again this morning at seven. I went up to look for the place we got water when we were here before. The place they are getting now is nearly dried up. We dug 4 places before we found it, the snow was about five feet deep. I sounded with a lance, struck ice every time but in cutting through the ice would strike ground. At last we found about a foot and a half of water after going down through five feet of snow and after three feet of ice. I think the boys with one Eskimo went up tonight to build a snow Igloo over it. There is only one Eskimo here now that can work and he has his toe hurt, one sick one. Marvin went down to Lincoln bay today with three Eskimos on a hunting trip. He and one of them are coming back tomorrow after he gets the other two started off inland on a trip of eight or ten days.

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