Northward: Peary’s 1908-09 Expedition

Heard the cracking of whips

About a quarter of five today In-ah-waho heard the cracking of whips and called to Eging-wah that kow-a-tiks were coming. Judging by the sound they were headed toward the point! So Eging-wah and In-u-ghito hitched up their dog teams and went to meet them. They proved to be Pu-ad-loon-ah and Awah-ting-wa sent by the Commander to help us about getting home. They have letters from Commander and George who is at Sail Harbor transporting supplies to Cape Colan. As there are five nights yet before we start for home I have them build a snow igloo close to ours. George will leave for home on the 13th one day before we do. Matt, Panik-pah and Ooblooyah are in Clements Markham Inlet after musk oxen, the Doctor and two Inuits are at the head of Black Cliffs Bay hunting, the Capt. doing the same at Lake Hazen.

Kow-a-tik or Kowatik: Kow-a-tik is the Inuktitut word for sledge. 

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