Northward: Peary’s 1908-09 Expedition

Charley brought me breakfast


Charley brought my breakfast in the room to me and I sat up in bed long enough to eat it. Ham and eggs, coffee + bread + butter. I the took another nap until nearly dinner time. When I turned out I learned the Com. wanted to see me so I went in and had a pleasant talk with him. If we are unable to get across the channel to Cape Bryant on the next moon, we are to go to Fort Conger for the month + then perhaps go to Cape Bryant for a week or so. I would rather go to Bryant now and Conger next summer. Ongudloog smashed three of his toes so I had to dress them. Two Eskimos are going to Lincoln Bay day after tomorrow so I am going down in order to get a better view of the channel pack. Akatingwah went ashore this evening full of expectancy and occupied a snow igloo for several hours. Have let Wiseman and Joyce take the watches until I return the last of the week. Spent an hour or two on reading up about Fort Conger, in case I have to go there this next moon, am still writing after the midnight hour.

This is Ross Marvin's last journal entry.

Wiseman and Joyce: Marvin is referring to John Wiseman and Patrick Joyce, two firemen aboard the Roosevelt. 

Pictured above:
Ross Gilmore Marvin in furs, 1908-1908, ID: 1994.5.2862.

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