Northward: Peary’s 1908-09 Expedition

We have all been sliding

Still cloudy and warm. About 10 o’clock the moon was slightly visible through the clouds. Light streak along the horizon in the East. Light breeze from North West (true), The boys went down into Parr Bay after musk oxen; searched the valleys and hills thoroughly but saw no signs. Tonight we have all been sliding in the hill back of the igloo on the bottoms of our kamiks coming down like a shot. Had some fine views of moon through telescope. Tidal igloo all afloat again tonight. Was obliged to crawl in through hole in side to get observations. Thermometer tonight at 36 below, but in our games in front and back of igloo we did not experience the least discomfort.

Kamiks: Kamiks are Inuit boots, usually made of sealskin. 

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