Northward: Peary’s 1908-09 Expedition

Removing ice from my room

Blew fresh all night + this morning, moderating in afternoon. Temp. in -20’s. Moon rose about noon.
    An early dinner again + immediately after Borup with 7 Esks, 7 sledges, + 43 dogs got away for C Colan + Columbia.
    Dr. Goodsell started at same time with 3 Esks, 2 sledges + 12 dogs, to scour the region from head of Black Cliffs Bay to James Ross Bay.
    Am very glad to find the dogs all apparently in good condition + eager to travel.
    Yesterday + today puts 18 men + 78 dogs in the field for 10-15 days. Counting the C. Columbia party 22 men, 2 women + 84 dogs.
    After the parties got away had all the last lot of deer skins (21) brought in my room + the starboard mess room to thaw out.
    Commenced overhauling + removing ice from my room.

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