Northward: Peary’s 1908-09 Expedition

Another crack in the igloo

Had a good night’s rest + turned out at breakfast time. The Com. was not out at breakfast + we had a lively conversation mostly the Captain + Doctor. Went on watch right after breakfast and finished my ten minute readings at noon. I am trying to do a little writing now + Kudlooktoo stands here watching me. Another crack in the igloo while Wiseman was on watch during the night. He came out at 10 oclock + I had a little talk with him out in the igloo, telling him he had a chance to help a great deal during the rest of the stay here. The Captain started a fire in his room but was smoked out so that he had to put it out with water. Another fine clear day, very little wind + a little warmer than yesterday. Considerable glow in the southern sky at noon but very little light from it. I have got to take a brace in a few days and get a little more ambition but I will be all right again when it does come.

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