Northward: Peary’s 1908-09 Expedition

Saw the devil


Twenty three below this morning at 7. oclock. It went down to 31 below in the night, if one can call it night for it is just about as dark in the day as the night. Some of the Eskimos said they saw the devil walking around the ship tonight. They are always seeing something, The other night they saw him coming from up the coast about a half mile from the ship. They took some of the fish out of the water today and gave it to the dogs with the meat. There is a little more rise and fall to the tide now as it is close to the new moon so the ship is listed over a little more tonight.

Pictured above:
Eskimos with string of fish and fishing spears, 1908-1909, Donald MacMillan, ID: 3000.1.115.

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