Northward: Peary’s 1908-09 Expedition

I cut the Captain's hair

This day began at 5.30 when I turned out to start observations at 6 A.M. off again at breakfast time. Finished reading Thomas Dixon Jr.’s “The One Woman.” The time on watch passes quicker with something to read. The weather has been clear and cold but with a little offshore breeze which makes it raw out of doors. Finished my watch from 12 to 3 and then I cut the Captain’s hair before dinner. The Commander is not quite as jovial at the table as he was last time, probably on account of the dogs and their food. After dinner I laid down for a nap and woke about 8 P.M. I am now out again and trying to do a little writing. I am not keeping up my diary as closely as I did last time. Probably because so many of the little things come now as a matter of fact, which were real novelties last time. Spent most of my afternoon in remarking the tide guage [sic] as the pencil marks will only stand for a few days. Have already worked out several improvements for the next one I make to take to Cape Bryant. I do not expect to go before the first of the year. A week from today is Thanksgiving Day.

Thomas Dixon Jr.: a popular writer at the turn of the century, he is most known now for his racist and classist attitudes. The One Woman, written in 1903, was part of a trilogy of books Dixon wrote criticizing populist socialism. 

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