Northward: Peary’s 1908-09 Expedition

Borup broke the focusing plate

Twenty six below this morning, and twenty nine below now at 6 P.M. with quite a breeze blowing. It seems a little colder than it did twenty two years ago today to me, but I dont suppose it is any colder there. How fast the time has gone. It doesnt seem as though it has been so long. There is very little left of the moon now so it has been quite dark today. The days and nights are about the same now. Seven natives came in last night four from the place where Marvins party killed the Deer, with the skins and what meat there was left. The other three came from up where McMillan is taking tidal observations, he wrote that it had been very windy and the thermometer had been to 35º below zero. The Natives said it was fine traveling now the snow was so hard one can go it anywhere. Borup broke the focusing plate of ground glass to his camera tonight so I had to help him make another one. I cut it and helped him grind it with emery cloth so that it does first rate he says. He has just been out and taken a couple of pictures and is developing the plates now to see how they came out. They finished the snow Igloo over the well today by putting up a wooden door.

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