Northward: Peary’s 1908-09 Expedition

324 rations

Have established 6 hour watches. Turned in at 12.40 and had a very comfortable night, called at 6.30. Found sky overcast and snowing a little. Started boys cutting blocks for our tidal igloo. Jack and I packed away our grub in “tossut”. We have:

22 cans Tomatoes
17      Corn
17      Brown Bread
29      Beans
16      Salmon
21      Milk
27      Hash

We shall need 324 rations. Food served as follows to each person:

1/3 can Tomatoes
1/3      Brown Bread
1/3      Beans
1/2      Corn
1/2      Salmon
1/2      Hash

This makes exactly 324. Will go home on pemmican if we do not get musk ox on the next moon. Have sent the Inuits twice back into the hills hunting but with no success. There seems to be plenty of tracks. Possibly they heard the barking of our dogs and have gone “tark-pu-er-nee”. The girls have been busy putting up lining, running cords out through the sides of igloo and fastening to a stick, both inside and out. Our stove is up and ready for business.  Jack rubbed his hands together and said we would have a dam good fire. To prove his statement he cramed [sic] the stove full of wood and applied the torch. It began to smoke when he reached for the water and soon put every stove to shame that I ever saw! Jack stammered “every new one smokes” and that is the last complete sentence. The ejaculations, exclamations, words of excess disgust – and swearing were very pronounced. I crawled down beneath the bed clothes, the women crawled into the back of the igloo, and buried their faces in the musk ox skins.
    Eging-wah ran out and knocked a hole in the roof.

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