Northward: Peary’s 1908-09 Expedition

Our igloo

Am pretty tired this morning. By estimate Jack and I had dug 3 ¼ tons of ice. Eging-wah and In-u-ghito had built our big igloo. Packed up everything but our tupik and all left for our new home, Jack going on ahead to take 11 o’clock observations.
    Our igloo is 11 feet 12 inches one way by 12 feet the other. Bed platform 7 feet 5 inches at widest part. Height from tip of roof to bed platform 6 feet 8 inches; from platform to floor 1 foot 6 in. Total height 8 feet 2 in.  Plenty large enough, perhaps too large to heat well. Placed sides of boxes under our bed, also snow shoes and sheep skins to keep ourselves away from the snow. Lighted up oil stoves so as to melt the inside; this freezing soon became a hard, glazed surface preparatory to putting up our fly for a lining. The thermometer before me broke it ran up to 42+. Took flashlight of interior.

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