Northward: Peary’s 1908-09 Expedition

Ground to pieces

Only 11 below this morning but there was quite a breeze and it seemed very cold. Borup left his two camera tripods out on that large berg where he had them for taking moonlight pictures, and he was out there last night looking for them but couldnt find them, he said there was very little of that large berg left, it was all ground to peices [sic], and carried away. And a heavy wall of ice all the way out there. There is only one foot and eight tenths between high and low water mark so far. If we had as much rise and fall here as at home it would tear things to peices. The Coona that was parbloctoe in the afternoon was parbloctoe again at night and tore her seal skin coat in to [sic], and one side of her trunks. The snow drifted a little today but not much.

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