Northward: Peary’s 1908-09 Expedition

A parhelion about the moon

Twenty below this morning and a good breeze blowing all day so it seems pretty cold. A little frost falling. Just enough to make a parehillion [parhelion] about the moon. 4 moon’s tonight, besides the original. And 8 last night. Borup arrived about 8 last night, he said he couldnt get around Cape Union, the water made right into the shore and it is almost a perpendictler [sic] cliff there. The Eskimo that was with him upset with the sledge this side of there, and Borup said he turned over as many as 3 times down the side of Cape Rawson. The Barometer has been up to 30.70. and only down to 29.30 so far this year and is about 29.60 now. We didnt have any wind to amount to anything when it was down to 29.30. Marvin has his Igloo ready and began taking tidal observations this morning at 7. He and Borup are watch and watch so as to keep it the 24 hours without intermission. The ice has been running outside all day.

Parhelion: a parhelion is an occurance similar to a paraselene, the presence of 'false' suns or 'sun dogs' are caused by the refraction of light through ice crystals. Here Wardwell has used the term 'parhelion' to describe a paraselene. 

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