Northward: Peary’s 1908-09 Expedition

My 34th Birthday

I shall remember my 34th birthday for a long time to come – sledging from the ice of James Ross Bay to Cape Colan. Over the hills to Sail Harbor was pretty tough going, deep snow and at times none at all. Left here a case of oil as instructed by Commander. Found here 2 musk ox skins, 2 ½ cases of biscuit instead of three. The moonlight was so brilliant in Clements Markham Inlet that I could not believe that we were headed toward Cape Colan 12 miles away but thought for a long time the Inuits were sledging toward Point Hamilton. When about ¾ ways across were obliged to turn south into the inlet to avoid new ice. Soon finding it strong we struck out to the edge of it and found excellent going. Camped under the lea of a large mound of ice.

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